OCMCO Concert – Segerstrom Hall Part II

This is concert was part of the second season of the Orange County Mormon Choral Organization’s 2nd season. They sing 3 times a year at Segerstrom’s Hall (Christmas, Easter & July 4th). They don’t sing on those exact dates. It seems as though each concert just becomes better and better. The last 2 concerts have been sold out before the date of the concert comes up.
Now onto the Easter performance: it just was the best that they have done. What it is they keep learning and get more organized each time that they are able to concentrate on what really needs to be taken care of. All I can say is that this was a fantastic performance. I would suggest that anyone that wants to get tickets for the next performance then they go on sale on May 01 so call directly on the day and get your tickets fast so you can get a seat and a spot you want to sit in.

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