Step 6: Find a place to buy, and get the monitor!

I prefer to buy from a vendor where it is easy to return the merchandise if there is any problem. Buying over the Internet is tempting, but returns are a pain!

We bought the Asus VW246H from

Going through the steps, here are the decisions we made:

Step 1: Figure on a price. Again, we didn’t want to spend more than $250.

Step 2: Get a Monitor Buying Guide. The information provided really helped me make an informed decision. I went to the pros to be able to discern what was really important!

Step 3: Can the video card handle a new monitor? This step helped me make sure that I was getting something that I would not regret.

Step 4: Print out what’s available. I like to have my information in-hand, so I can write on it, make notes, throw it away, and organize the information.

Step 5: Put it all on a spreadsheet and compare. Spreadsheets also help to organize the information. I put the important information in a table in a Microsoft Word document. Then, I would study, and read more and more about each device.

I had to prioritize what were the most desirable features. Then, I made a second table for undesirable items. As I went along, I moved less desirable items to this second table, and made a note as to why they were moved there.

Eventually, I was down to two items. Then, I called over Misty, and she helped me choose the best monitor for us!

Step 6: Find a place to buy, and get the monitor! The monitor was only available online. It was not available in brick and mortar stores. I was really tempted to go with, because I could have purchased the monitor for $206; but I was taking a big chance that the monitor would not be defective.

I had done business with before, which is a warehouse in Rancho Santa Margarita. I built two computers with hardware which I purchased from them. They have a Will Call Window, and a reasonable return policy. Although, I have never needed to return anything to them. Their price was $229.15, and worth the difference.

So, these are the features that I like about the Asus VW246H:

1. The price: $229.15
2. The size: 24 inches (diagonal)
3. The maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
4. The Horizontal/Vertical Angles: 170/160
5. The monitor stand can be tilted.
6. The available connections: VGA, DVI, HDMI, audio line-in, audio line-out
7. Included accessories: VGA cable, DVI cable, Audio cable
8. Response time: 2 ms

Needless to say, we are very happy with our choice!

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