An Unlearned Man Translates A Sealed Book

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In the Joseph Smith History, I read about the acquisition of the Golden Plates, and their translation.  Joseph Smith was 21 years old when he acquired them.  Religious fervor was intense.

Shortly after he acquired the plates, people tried to steal them from him.  They tried to do this using many different methods.  They raided his house.  They stopped him on the road.  People also spread falsehoods about him.

These were just ignorant people.  They were not very well educated.  They were caught up in the religious fervor.  They thought that their religion was the best.  Little did they know, God had decided to bring his church back to Earth.

People wonder why we don’t still have the Golden Plates.  In that environment, the Golden Plates would have been lost, or melted down, or destroyed.

This is what actually happened to some of the translated text.  Martin Harris, a friend of Joseph Smith’s, who was helping with the translation, practically begged Joseph Smith for some translated text to show his family.  Joseph Smith eventually succumbed to this request, and the text was lost.

This could very possibly have happened to the Golden Plates, if the angel Moroni had not called for them.  So, after the translation was finished, the angel Moroni asked for them back.

It is also amazing to see a prophecy that was fulfilled.  The prophecy is found in the Old Testament of the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, chapter 29, verses 11 and 12.  It is prophesized that a man will refuse to read a book because it is sealed; but the unlearned man will be able to read this same book.

Martin Harris brought translated characters, and those that had not been translated, to an educated man, Charles Anton, to get a certificate about the authenticity of the translation.  This learned man would not certify the translation because he did not believe in angels.  He also would not translate the book himself because it was sealed.  On the other hand, Joseph Smith, a young man with a third grade education, through the power of God, translated the unsealed portion of the sealed book.

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