Bearing Testimony Of What The Book Of Mormon Is About.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to bear my testimony to an investigator of our church. We had Doug over, with the missionaries, Elder Stander and Elder Lemmon, to share with him some gospel doctrine. The lesson was on agency.

I shared with Doug my testimony about Jesus Christ’s visit to the ancestors of the Native Americans living on this continent. I showed Doug the tick marks in my copy of the Book of Mormon, for each time I’ve read the Book of Mormon (previously I’ve explained here that I have read the Book of Mormon 23 times, which I also shared with Doug).

Doug did not enjoy reading casually, for enjoyment. I explained that I don’t read the Book of Mormon casually either, but because I need to read the Book of Mormon. I asked me why. I explained that I’m not perfect, and I need to learn about how to improve.

Elder Lemmon helped me out by explaining also to Doug that when one reads the Bible, each time they read the Bible, they get something else out of it; because it is holy scripture. I agreed.

Then, Doug asked what was the most amazing part of reading the Book of Mormon. I explained slowly and deliberately that the most amazing part about the Book of Mormon is when Jesus Christ appeared to the ancestors of the Native Americans on this continent, after his crucifixion. When Jesus Christ was in Jerusalem, He had told the people there that he needed to visit his sheep in another fold. He didn’t tell them that the sheep were on another continent. These sheep were the people on this continent.

This appearance of Jesus Christ is the main purpose of the Book of Mormon, to testify that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Father, and that He is the redeemer of the world.

We live in a time in which people doubt that Jesus Christ did what He did in Jerusalem. People doubt that He was resurrected. We live in a time in which pages of the Bible have been ripped out. There are lost books in the Bible. There are also lost truths.

Doug asked about those pages which were ripped out of the Bible. Elder Lemmon explained that the Bible talks about a Book of Enoch which is no longer available; and he explained some other missing scriptures which are mentioned.

I continued to explained that another purpose of the Book of Mormon is bring back those missing truths. It adds to that which we already have in the Bible. It does not replace the Bible. It works with the Bible to explain truths which have been lost as a result of those who ripped out pages of the Bible.

Doug was thankful that we shared this with him.

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