All Trials Come From The Lord

For me, whenever I complain, I am complaining against the Lord, and at these times, I have lost my humility. So, to be humble, I need to accept the circumstances that I am in, and work with it. After humbling myself, and accepting the Lord’s will, I have found that I can receive inspiration from the Lord on how to get out of my predicament.

In the same way, in the Book of Mormon, in 1 Nephi 16, Nephi breaks his bow, and his brethren, Laman and Lemeul, get mad at him; but their own bows have lost their spring! Laman and Lemuel did not take responsibility for their own inability to hunt, and blamed all of their troubles on their little brother, Nephi! It is interesting the relationship between Nephi and his brethren, Laman and Lemuel.

Then, everyone, except for Nephi, complained against the Lord. What did Nephi do? He just built himself a new bow! After Nephi built his new bow, he was also able to receive inspiration on where to find game.

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