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Today, we had Fast and Testimony Meeting.  I took this opportunity to share my testimony.  As I explained, I was sharing my testimony for selfish reasons: to strengthen my own testimony.  I strengthen my testimony by sharing it.  That is what I’ve been told, and that is what I have experienced.  Sharing, otherwise known as bearing, my testimony gives me an opportunity to express how I feel, and what I think, so I can share it with others.  It gives me an opportunity to practice sharing, in a comfortable environment with those who are of the same faith.  Then, when I am in a setting, when I am with those who don’t know what I believe, I can feel a little more secure about what I am saying.

I shared how I have been writing in our blog as I have read the Book of Mormon, since I just finished the Book of Mormon for the 23rd time.  I shared that I also shared that accomplishment with my goodly parents.  I love my parents, and I am grateful that they taught me so that I may be able to accept the LDS faith.

In the LDS faith, it is normal for members to continuously read the Book of Mormon.  So, those who have been raised LDS probably have read the Book of Mormon much more than I have.  But for me, this is an accomplishment, because I was not raised LDS.

While bearing my testimony, I shared that I was able to share this accomplishment with someone this past week.  I was with the missionaries, Elder Stander and Elder Lemmon, and we were teaching someone who is investigating our church.  In answer to our investigator’s question, I explained that I am not perfect so I need to read the Book of Mormon over and over again; and the missionaries added that we pick out new truths each time scriptures are reread.

I shared that the number of views of our blog has dramatically increased since we started writing on it more.  Here is a graph showing the number of views for each day:

By sharing my testimony on our blog, my own testimony has been strengthened; and I pray that as I share my testimony that the Spirit might bring others to know that the Lord lives, and that He loves them, and that that the Lord always wants us to enjoy His presence, which is to enjoy the presence of His Spirit.

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