God’s Miracle of Electronic Written Communication

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love my sweetheart so much. Throughout the day, we wished each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. It was a lot of fun.

As I write tonight’s journal entry, I think about God’s miracle of electronic communication. Today, we can electronically transmit our written thoughts throughout the world, and they can be read in almost every nation. 2600 years ago, in 600 BC, they engraved their thoughts on brass plates, and papyri, not even realizing that anyone would be able to read them in the future.

Today, we can read their thoughts and writings because of their efforts. Their writings are like ‘voices arising from the dust’. We read about how God dealt with them, about their wars, and about their triumphs. Is it not amazing that things have not changed in the past 2600 years? We still have the same things happening to us.

They were commanded to write. They did not fully know why. So are we. The scriptures talk about recording angels and the book of life. They say that we will be judged by the words we write.

In 1 Nephi 9, Nephi describes how he organized his thoughts. He had two separate sets of plates: one for spiritual thoughts; and the other for the more temporal thoughts. Today, through the gift of God, we can read his thoughts, and we can read the Bible. It has been said that the United States President, Calvin Coolidge, learned how to read by reading the Bible. I am thankful for God’s blessing to be able to read all of these great spiritual works of literature.

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