Gratefulness & Sharing God’s Blessings

Today, I read the Testimony of Joseph Smith. It impresses me that all he wanted to do was to share what happened to him. He wasn’t looking out for himself. He was told that he should share what God gave to him, and not keep it to himself; and he was killed for it.

All of those who have shared their testimonies about what they experienced during the coming forth of the Book of Mormon were not looking out for themselves. They were extremely grateful for what had been given to them. They were just obeying God.

People often don’t realize that the LDS Church consists of a lay clergy. No one gets paid for what they do. They do it because they have a great amount of faith. That is the reason that they do it. Wouldn’t it be nice if our politicians were so motivated? I too share these things because I too am very grateful.

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