How Prayer Has Helped Me.

For me, the purpose of prayer is to talk with God. Several times, I have been stressed out, just like anyone else has, and at those times, I asked Heavenly Father to lift that burden from me. I ‘let go, and let God’; and after a very little amount of time, I felt my burdens lift, and I was at peace again.

God has also taught me after I have prayed. I continually have to remind myself that it is through humility that I can learn from God. When I am humble, I have a desire to learn, and only then can I learn spiritual truths.

In contrast, when I am proud of my education and the things that I have accomplished, then, I do not want to learn any more. I think that I ‘know it all’ already. This is a constant challenge for me, and I am sure that it is a constant challenge for almost everyone.

This truth is explained in both the Bible, and in the Book of Mormon.  This evening, I was reading 1 Nephi 15, in which Nephi explains to his brethren that they should ask of God for guidance, after his brethren ask Nephi for understanding.

This is a good video which explains this principle. (Just click on the picture.)

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