Staying On The Lord’s Path

I have been thinking about the Lord’s Path a lot lately. This path is not a physical path. It is a spiritual path. There is a certain feeling within me when I am on the Lord’s Path. I have self-confidence, and I feel joy, because the Holy Ghost is with me.

I know that I have a compass within me which keeps me on the Lord’s Path. It is called the Spirit of Christ, which is within all of us. It is also called the conscience. I need to be aware of when I am not listening to the Spirit of Christ within myself. I can do that by being humble, and meek, and obedient, and I listen to the Spirit of the Lord within me. Only then will I find my way on the Lord’s Path. For when I am proud or rude or boisterous, or otherwise unchristlike, and do not heed the warnings of my conscience, I lose my way.

The Book of Mormon talks about a compass which lead the family of Lehi across the ocean. It is found in 1 Nephi 18. In this chapter, they are led by the compass, but after some of the party become rude and boisterous in their celebration, they tie up Nephi.  Then, the compass seizes to work. When Nephi is loosed from his bonds, then the compass works again.

I also have other ‘compasses’ which are available to me. I have the scriptures, and I have the words of the modern day prophets, which speak the words of the Lord for me, in these latter days.

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