The Bible & The Book Of Mormon Working Hand-In-Hand

In the first paragraph of the Introduction to the Book of Mormon, it states that both the Bible and the Book of Mormon contain the fullness of the Gospel. They both work together in explaining how we can have peace in this life, and in the life to come.

Since I was raised Unitarian Universalist, I was raised to believe that God’s word is in all books; and when I was investigating the LDS Church, the missionaries asked me if I believed that the Book of Mormon was the word of God. I explained to them how I was raised, and they replied that that is what they believe too. That was amazing for me, and the beginning of the formation of my testimony that the LDS Church is the Lord’s Church in this time.

For me, it is a paradox that a church can accept truth in other churches, and obey the commandments. Most of the time, in this day and time, when someone is so accepting of others, they are also very liberal. For them, truth is relative; but in the LDS Church, truth is found in what others believe, and more truth is added from truth that has been brought back from the beginning of time.

The truth that God is a person, and not just a formless entity, is back. The fact that Jesus lives, when others doubt, is known. Many other truths have also been restored.

I am thankful for my knowledge of these restored truths. I thank God that he revealed these truths to me, by His power and grace. I am also thankful that He has shown His love for me, and for all of us, so that we no more need to live in confusion.

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