All In Divine Order

I just tried to go home teaching and I was stood me up; which is alright anyways, because I was wondering how I was going to fit in home teaching with OCMCO rehearsal; and it fits in anyways! Everything worked out in Divine Order, just like there is Divine Order all around us.

Throughout history, there has been Divine Order, as with Moses and the Ten Commandments. The Lord ordered those commandments. It was according to His direction, and He did it to prepare the people for His coming, so they would have rules to live by. We now still have those commandments, for us to still prepare to live in His presence again.

In 2 Nephi 11, I found that it is very interesting when Nephi writes that he enjoys proving to his people that Christ will come. I always thought that you could not prove that Christ would come, but what he means is that by using evidence, Christ’s coming, and even His existence, can actually be proved! Now, how is that for Divine Order?

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