An Opportunity To Explain Isaiah To A Friend

I had a nice discussion with a friend of mine. I explained to him that I have been reading in Isaiah, about the Second Coming of the Messiah; and I have been writing about what I have been reading on our blog.

I explained how Isaiah saw Yahweh, Jehovah, the Lord, face-to-face, when the Lord appeared to him, and put coal in his mouth to cleanse him from his sins. Then, he was given his commission, to warn the people to repent; and what did the people do in return?

They killed him. They sawn him asunder (I had to explain to him what that meant). People are that way. That is why Christ was crucified. He was not saying that which was popular.

I also explained how the Lord showed Isaiah what was going to happen after His Second Coming. The same as when Babylon fell, so will those wicked parts of the world. Many of those who have faith in the Savior will pass on, as result of the conflict, and only a remnant will remain.

My friend was not too happy about this conflict that would occur. He really did not want to be a part of it. He blamed it on Jesus’ coming, but I explained that Satan causes these things to happen. As righteousness increases, so does wickedness. I believe that those who are really having a tough time, that Satan works on them the most; and those people would be spiritual giants, if Satan were not around to beat them down. Those people having troubles with drugs and alcohol are very sensitive, and Satan takes advantage of their sensitive nature.

After the fall of Babylon, there will be a thousand years of peace, and Satan will be bound due to the faith of those who remain; but then Satan will be loosed again.

I believe that he will be loosed again, because of the natural tendencies of man to take our blessings for granted. Even though the Lord will be with them, they will want something better. They will start to get greedy again, and Satan will inhabit their hearts again. It is at this time that the final battle, Armageddon, will occur.

My friend asked what do we need to do? I explained that we need to prepare for the Second Coming of the Savior. We need to be firm in our faith. Those who are firm in their faith are my heroes.

During the Salem Witch Trials, those who remained true to their faith are some of my heroes. During this time, those who were accused to be witches either had to confess or they were tested to determine if they were witches. If they confessed then their possessions were taken away from them and given to the judge. If they did not confess, they were tested. They were drowned or crushed to death. This was how they were tested. If they lived through these tests, they were witches. My heroes were those who did not confess, but died confessing the truth: that they were not witches. Those people strengthen my resolve to have integrity in the face of intense adversity.

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