Comforted By Revelations To Isaiah

I have heard of people who do not understand the book of Isaiah. They skip over Isaiah because they do not understand it. I have also heard that people read the Book of Mormon, until they also get to the words of Isaiah, as quoted in the Book of Mormon. Then, they stop reading.

I can understand that it is difficult to understand the words of Isaiah. He writes figuratively, and he sometimes will change his thoughts drastically. So, he is hard to follow. It takes time to appreciate what he has written, but I think it is very rewarding.

Without trying to sound like I am better than others, for me, I appreciate reading Isaiah’s words in the Book of Mormon, and then cross-referencing those verses with those in the Old Testament. By doing this, I have a deeper appreciation of the Lord’s words to Isaiah, and His revelations; and a deeper love for Him, and a deeper love of how much He loves me, and wants me to feel comforted, peaceful, and loved.

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