Disappointment And Discouragement

Such is life. Misty came home from class feeling very disappointed. Her teacher did not like most of the photographs she had taken, so Misty walked out of class. Although, Misty said that the teacher did not have any more to say to her.

Tonight’s reading, 2 Nephi 2, was on ‘opposition in all things’, which means that we will always have opposition, even in school and at work. I know how Misty feels, because I feel it all the time at work. I cannot accurately predict that which will please my boss. I can just do my best, and that is all Misty can do too. That is what Heavenly Father wants, and He will inspire us as we are true and faithful.

It is hard to deal with disappointment and discouragement. That is Satan’s most powerful tool. I too have felt disappointment and discouragement, and I feel better when I have a shoulder to cry on. So, I will go and comfort Misty in her grief.

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