Gave Away Our Entertainment Center In 15 Minutes!

We gave away our old entertainment center and TV. Here it is sitting outside of our house:

Fifteen minutes after we put this offering at the curb, while we were about to post on CraigsList, we had a knock our door. An elderly gentleman took it from us! It was amazingly fast. Of course, it happened so fast, now I have a little bit of seller’s remorse, because I thought maybe I could have sold it. Although, we have offered this same piece of furniture on Facebook, and we had no takers whatsoever.

Tonight, for Personal Scripture Study, I read 2 Nephi 20, and Isaiah 10, and I learned that not many people will survive the Lord’s Second Coming, only a remnant will survive; but all happens according to the Lord’s plan. If my time is up, it is not up to me. My days are numbered according to the Lord’s reckoning. I can just do my best.

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