Jesus’ Millennial Reign

I was reading about the Jesus’ millennial reign, in 2 Nephi 22, and I was thinking about how eventually people will take it for granted that He is with them. They will probably forget about how good it is, and they will want it to be better. Then, their natural side will come out, and they will eventually turn greedy again. Then, Satan will be unbound again, and the final battle will occur.

I have it so good today, and yet do I take it for granted? The Lord came and restored the truth, and do I read it, and really absorb it. Do I remember His counsel in all that I do? Do I really behave, all of the time, in a way that shows that I believe that the Lord has given me all that I have, and I need to take the best care of it that I can? These are some questions that I ask myself on this day.

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