Lead Along The Lord’s Path

In Isaiah 8, the Lord reveals to Isaiah the Assyrian captivity of Israel. (This revelation is also quoted in 2 Nephi 18, in the Book of Mormon.) The Lord tells Isaiah what shall be done, and also tells Isaiah how Israel can escape this invasion, if they listen to the Lord; but of course they do not: they listen to soothsayers; they continue their wicked ways; and they are invaded.

The Lord has told me these same things, and I have seen that when I am faithful, I do overcome adversity. I remember before I joined the LDS Church, I was in a Fundamentalist Bible Study group, called the Way International. I was enjoying studying the scriptures, but I did not agree with their teachings that the Bible was the only word of God. I was raised to believe that truth is in all religions. At least one friend warned me that it was not good for me to be with them, but I had faith that the Lord would guide me along the true path.

It was through my association with the Way International that I met the LDS Missionaries, Elder Bone and Elder Greene. I met Sandy Tresh through the Way International. (Her husband was Tom Tresh who played for the Yankees.) Sandy owned some apartments and needed an Apartment Manager. She hired me, and I lived right next to the missionaries. They lived there because her son married an LDS Missionary, after she got off her mission.

So, the Lord did lead me along the true path. I now am LDS, and I am very grateful that the Lord has lead me along His path.

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