People Who Have Made A Great Impression On Me

This evening, I went out with the missionaries, and we visited those who have their names on the books of the LDS Church, but never go to church. We met some nice people. I came back pretty happy about being able to do the Lord’s work.

I have been thinking about the nice people I have had in my life. I think about my sweetheart, Misty, who is so honest and good, and very sweet. People just love her, and she is so humble that she does not realize it. I think about how my dad is so nice to my mom, and how he gently cares for her. I think about my mom and my sister, Ruth, and how dedicated they are to our family. I think about the many bishops I have known, and how they were very considerate of others, and very sensitive to the Spirit. I remember some teachers I have had, and how people loved them, because they were calm, and sincere. You knew that they were talking from their heart. They were people of integrity. I remember a Stake President I knew, Alvin Clawsen, who I worked with at the San Diego LDS Temple, when he was also the Temple President. People said that there was not a mean bone in his body. It was indeed a pleasure to work with him.

These people, and more, are models for me to follow of people whom I would love to emulate, and to take after. They were people of good character. Others loved them, and they loved the people. All of these people were sincere. They showed a great amount of self-control, and self-mastery. I hope that I can be like them. (2 Nephi 31)

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