Putting My Priorities In The Right Place

The Lord often warns us against being proud, and it is indeed appropriate. Pride is part of our nature, part of the Natural Man. I often have to combat pride, and have to remind myself to be humble. When I am proud, and/or I catch myself being proud, even if I am concerned that I may have stepped out of line, and might have offended someone, the person whom I really need to apologize to is the Lord, for offending His Spirit, even if no one steps forward and complains that I have offended them.

My first name is Daniel, which, in Hebrew, means ‘God is my Judge’. My name reminds me that I do not need to be concerned with being judged by others. I only need to be concerned with being judged by God. I am accountable to my God, and no one else. Certainly, I do not want to offend anyone, but even if no one comes forward and complains that I have offended them; if I feel that I have offended the Spirit, then I must apologize to God, so that I may have His Spirit to be with me.

In 2 Nephi 15, the Lord revealed to Isaiah how he feels about those who have their priorities in the wrong place. He wants us to obey Him, and have our priorities in the right place, for building up the kingdom of God. Even in the ten commandments, the Lord says that He is a jealous God, and we should not put any God before Him. Also, in the scriptures, it says not to be afraid of the ‘arm of flesh’. I hope and pray that I can continue to remember these things.

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