The Book Of Mormon Helps To Understand Isaiah

I am thankful that the Book of Mormon has taught me how to understand the teachings of Isaiah. The reason that these chapters were included in the Book of Mormon was to show that Jesus does love us. These chapters show how we will eventually find peace amid adversity, if we believe, and prepare for the Second Coming of the Messiah. As it is explained in 2 Nephi 25, we must believe the words of Christ with all of our heart in order to reap these blessings. Before reading the words of Isaiah, as quoted in the Book of Mormon, I was not familiar with many of the Lord’s revelations to him. Sure, I am familiar with the words in Handel’s Messiah, which quotes Isaiah, but I had never truly studied these words with as much depth as I have now. Also what has helped is that I have been able to write my impressions down, which also has helped my understanding. I suggest that it would help anyone to understand scripture more fully if notes are taken.

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