The Lord Remembers His Covenant With Our Fathers

I just went out with the missionaries, Elder Lemmon and Elder Stander, with Nathan Timpke, to visit people who were baptized into the LDS Church but do not attend church any more. It was a lot of fun, especially when we did get to talk to some people and share with them the happiness we feel when we obey the Lord’s commandments.

This afternoon, I read 2 Nephi 10, and I liked the part where it said that when we remember the covenants which were made with our fathers, then the Lord will gather us again. I believe that to be true, because when we remember the Lord’s teachings to our fathers, then our faith will bring us together.

For example, tonight, as I was talking with a young man, I shared with him how we do not criticize other’s faith. We build upon it. When we build on other’s faith, they feel better about themselves. When other’s feel better about themselves around us, then they want to be around us. When others want to be around us, then we are being gathered, which is what the Lord promised in His covenant with our fathers.

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