The Millennial Reign Of Jesus Christ

It was a nice day at church.  During Sacrament Meeting, we heard a talk on strengthening marriage, which I really enjoyed.  One speaker talked about being calm in the face of adversity, which was very valuable advice.  Another speaker talked about not taking offense.

I find that when I take offense easily, then I really have problems.  What I actually need to do is to just do what the Lord wants.  Then,  I do not need to worry about being offended.  Someone said that faith is without fear, and I truly believe that.

For Personal Scripture Study, I read 2 Nephi 21, which quotes Isaiah 11, which I skimmed.  I find that in these chapters of the Book of Mormon, it is easy to find the quoted chapters of Isaiah.  Just subtract ten from the chapter number in 2 Nephi.

In these verses, the Lord reveals what will happen during the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ:  all will be peaceful.  Satan will be bound by the faithfulness of the people, the same as he is today.

I love the Book of Mormon for the education it gives us of what we learn in the Bible. Most people are not aware of what the Bible says about the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ, but the Book of Mormon points out where to look!

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