Trying To Understand Rather Than Trying To Be Understood

Yesterday, we set up our new entertainment center and our new home theater pc (htpc), a Dell Zino 410. Then, I went to my parents’ and my dad and I did my taxes.

This afternoon, after church, I was able to finally use our htpc. Since it was Sunday, we went to BYU.TV, and we saw some church videos. The first one we saw was “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration”. It was so cool to see Internet video on a 55 inch HDTV! The video was extremely well done. It was an impressive story about the life of Joseph Smith.

This evening, I read 2 Nephi 28. In this chapter, it talks about contention between churches. This is kind of a continuation on the theme that the Lord wants us to worship. He does not care where we worship. We just need to worship. Although, He also wants us to accept truth when it is presented to us.

So many times, I have been a know-it-all, and I have not been humble enough to listen to what others have to offer, in truth. I have not listened to them, and their viewpoint. We all suffer from that. We all tend to say, “Okay, I have heard that before. I know what you are talking about”. And then, we want other people to understand. I have heard it said, “It is better to want to understand than to want to be understood”. I know that I do not know it all. I have a lot to learn, especially since I am not translated yet! So, I have lots of work to do, as long as I live in mortality.

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