Accepting My Lot In Life

I went shopping, and then read up on the HP DM1z Netbook that I am waiting for. Still waiting for this netbook. I ordered on 4/6, and received an email that the ship date would be 4/22. On 4/25, I received an email saying that the ship date is 5/4, almost a month after placing the order. They offered to cancel my order.

My original purchase price was around $419. I then found a deal for $399, to which they agreed. Since they were late, on 4/24, I haggled them down to $369, before tax. On 4/25, I also received a 15% coupon off a future purchase.

Do you think I want to buy another product from HP if I have to wait so long for delivery?

It is remarkable that I have seen people pay as little as $295 for this netbook.

Also, the delay is really unacceptable. I ordered a Dell Zino 410, and it arrived in one week!

When I finally get the shipping notice, I will probably call them and threaten to cancel, unless they lower the price.

In Isaiah 53, and in Mosiah 14, a lot is prophesied about Jesus Christ, especially about how he would submit to such torture. He accepted His lot in life, and so should I. After all, I have the basics: food, clothing, shelter, and fuel. Although, there is nothing wrong when trying to make a good business deal.

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