Angelic Visions

How many times have angels appeared to men, and I still forget about them? I find that amazing (Mosiah 3). I read the scriptures, and yet how many times do I forget and sin. This is part of the human condition. I am so frail that I need to continually remind myself. I need to continually read. I need to be reminded. There is a presence which I cannot see with my natural eyes. Others have seen them, so many others that this ‘cloud of witnesses’ (Hebrews 12:1) strengthens my faith in Divine Intervention.

There is a Divine plan. This plan has been shown to prophets by angels in all of the scriptures. Scientists cannot explain it, even though they try. God bless them for their efforts.

For me, it is best to follow the example of my Savior. Then, I will reap the greatest rewards.

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