Battling Complacency

A friend came over to work on dry wall this morning, and this evening. It is looking pretty good!

I shopped for groceries for the Passover Seder we had over our house. My family came over. We had a good time. We watched a National Geographic special which explained that Christians are leaving Bethlehem. It was enjoyable going through the Passover ordinance, and sharing with each other. We also touched on Easter, and the appearance of Elijah.

I find it amazing how we become complacent when things are going well, and we forget from where the blessings come. I believe this is the problem described in Mosiah 11. In this chapter of scripture, King Noah becomes complacent: a wine bibber, an adulterer, and a tyrant. I always have to check myself, and remember to give God credit for all of my prosperity. Actually, all that I have is his anyways.

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