Being Good Christians

This morning, before church, Misty and I are going to the home of a lovely couple I home teach for breakfast. We are going over at 9 AM. I figured that since church usually starts at 9 AM every other year, why not home teach at 9 AM when church starts at 11 AM? Also, this frees up my Sunday evening. Usually, we would stay out late when church starts at 11 AM, but I do not feel that that is the best way to use the Sabbath Day.

Self-aggrandizement is part of the Natural Man. It is part of the human condition. We all want to feel important, but the Lord is important because He did not do what He did for His glory, but for the glory of His Father.

In Mosiah 5:7, taking on the name of Christ is explained. In that verse, I learned that through faith I become a child of Christ, His son. It is like I have my father’s name, Reisman, because I am his son; and just like I want to be a good Reisman, I also want to be a good Christian.

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