Being Good

We are catching up with the sessions we missed yesterday. Right now, Misty is watching yesterday afternoon’s session. She will call me at a certain point which is where I nodded off yesterday. So, I have this bit of time to write in my journal.

We just returned from going over to some friends. They had their annual get-together between sessions, when they cook scones for everyone. It was so nice to get together with the Saints during conference. That is what conference is for!

When we got back, we invited our neighbor and her mom and her son over to see the entertainment center they helped us transport from CostCo.

I feel so fortunate that I am being taught righteous principles. I love being taught about being humble, chaste, loyal, and diligent, among other high values. For me, that is what church is for. I need to be reminded of these things constantly, or I will forget, and then waste my time on trivial matters. I appreciate the Sabbath Day, for me to have the opportunity to renew and strengthen my faith in the Lord’s teachings, which is whatever that is good.

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