Happiness Is Keeping The Commandments Of The Lord

Happy Easter!

Since I went to bed so late last night, getting up this morning was a challenge, especially since I woke up at 4 AM to study for the lesson I was giving in Elders Quorum. During Sacrament Meeting, I sang with the Ward Choir. The lesson in Elders Quorum went well. It was Elder Neal Anderson’s October 2010 General Conference talk on not leaving Jesus Christ.

After church, we came home and laid on the couch while we watched the Sunday Afternoon Session of the April 2011 General Conference. We slept during half of it. We were so tired.

Happy are those who publish peace, but peace can only be published if we obey the commandments. This is taught in Mosiah 12:21-33, and also in Isaiah 52:7-12. I also know that I am happiest when I also obey the commandments.

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