How People Stumble Without Written Records

This afternoon, during lunch, as I was reading the scriptures (Omni), I read about how people were discovered who had no written records. They had come from Jerusalem. Their language was corrupted because they had no written records. They had forgotten about God.

This phenomenon happens all the time today. People forget that there is a God, because they fail to read the scriptures. I know, because I was one of them. While I was growing up, I did not read the scriptures. I was very worldly. I did not keep the commandments. Since I subscribed so much to the philosophies of the world, it is a wonder that I am alive today, but I was preserved by the Lord. He protected me through all of my vices, accidents, and failings. He was looking out for me, in spite of myself.

I testify that by reading the scriptures, which have allowed me to read, understand, and believe, that Jesus is the Christ, I am now a happier man.

Many precious truths were removed from the scriptures, which have caused people to forget fundamental truths, like God, or Heavenly Father, being a Glorified Man; and that we can be like Him, if we are true and faithful, through the Atonement of His Only Begotten Son; and that marriage was meant to be forever; and that the Priesthood Authority comes directly from our Father in Heaven; and that Priests should not be paid for their services; and many more truths. I am very grateful for my knowledge of these truths.

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