Kind Of A Rough Day Ends Pleasantly

Yesterday, we received very sad news that someone we knew was killed down in Mexico. He had been living down there for several years. He could not get a job here in the U.S. I have been told that four young men ganged up on him. Two of them are now in jail. No one wants to go down and get the remains. Today, I looked at the options, and they do not look good. It is very expensive, dangerous, and time-consuming. He will probably be buried in a common grave. What a tragedy.

I came home from work tonight, and Misty was standing outside with her hand outstretched. I pulled into the garage, and she said that a rat was caught in one of our traps. The rat had not been killed so she put the rat and the trap in a pail of water. The reason that she had her hand outstretched was because the rat’s tail had brushed against her hand. She had washed her hand, but she felt really creepy. We later disposed of the rat in the ‘green’ trash can, which is where I always put our dead rats, and the birds which I have caught by accident.

For Family Home Evening, we watched a couple of episodes of ‘Hunter’.

After all of this, I feel grateful for the opportunity to read the pleasing word of God (Jacob 3).

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