Living As If Jesus Is With Us

It was a nice day at church. Fast and Testimony Meeting. This afternoon, I went to Ward Choir Practice. Now, I am home and I am looking forward to enjoying a nice evening. The weather is very nice. Our backyard is very peaceful. I read the scriptures (Jarom) on our balcony, which overlooks our backyard. It was very pleasant.

I read about living as if Jesus was with us. Then, what would we do? At church, during Elders Quorum, one brother taught a great lesson on Honesty. After choir, another brother talked with me about fixing the ceiling fans in our office and in our bedroom. What a great service he is providing. These two brethren are living examples of what it is like to live as if Jesus was with us. I see it all around me, in the people around me, in what they do to build the kingdom of God. These are things which I aspire to do.

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