Sharing The Good News With Family

I left work early today, at just past 1 PM, because someone close to me needed me. They were making arrangements for friend whose best friend died to go down to the middle of Baja California to claim the body. I arrived at their house in good time. We did have a very nice visit. There were some tears, but mostly gratitude, as stories were shared, and we comforted each other.

I was able to share with my niece, what has been revealed by the prophets about God, Satan, the choices we make, repentance and forgiveness, and the Atonement. We spent a lot of time just talking about anything that came to mind. The funny thing was when she said that she was so bored, that we were talking about being bored. There really was no main topic that we talked about, most of the time. We just kept each other company. It was the longest conversation we have ever had together, and I hope that there are more.

I know that our friend who died is in a better place, and that we can be with him again. This truth has been revealed by the prophets.

One of my friends shared a couple of experiences that she had on Sunday, before she even heard of this person’s passing. When she woke up, she heard someone yelling her name. It sounded like this person. Later on that morning, she heard someone outside yelling her name again. There was no one physically there. Maybe it was someone just on the other side of the veil (Jacob 4).

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