The Importance Of Writing Down My Thoughts

Tonight for Date Night, we went to Oggi’s to watch the Angels-Royals baseball game. We had fun. Oggi’s is a nice place to go see a game. Then, we came home and watched a couple of episodes of “Hunter”.

I know that the Holy Ghost inspires good works, especially good words which are written, because I have been inspired by the Holy Ghost to write that which I have written. When I write, I receive revelation. In the past, I have called what I have written ‘an impression’, but it is more. It is revelation from God. How can I tell? Because it is good. I can feel that it is good. When I write, I learn more about God’s work, which is this world, and the world around me. Learning about God’s work is, by definition, revelation.

It is not that I am better than anyone. Anyone can do this if they diligently write that which is good. As a Latter Day Saint, I have been commanded to write daily in my journal. I have kept a journal since I was baptized 24 years ago.

Why was I commanded to do so? I believe I was commanded to write in my journal so I could receive revelation about my life by writing in my journal. My journal helps me to keep a record of what has happened in my life. By keeping this record, I have found out how to make my life better. Writing has allowed me to introspect about what I am thinking about. It has allowed me to think about my different options when I am faced with a challenge. It has allowed me to plan what I need to do to make my life better.

I believe that my life plan, just like everyone else’s life plan, is part of God’s Divine Plan for the universe. I believe all things happen for a reason. Just like when God made the universe, He also wrote down a plan to organize the elements to make His creation. So should I write down my plan to take part in building His kingdom (2 Nephi 33).

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