Being Humble To Be Understood

Some good friends came over for Family Home Evening. We had so much fun! We barbecued hamburgers, and had pineapple – vanilla ice cream shakes. We watched a talk from the April 2011 General Conference on ‘Keeping a Christ-Centered Home’.

Then, we played Beatles Rock Band. We had a couple of microphones, so we could sing harmony, and we had a guitar and drums. I kept on saying that it is nice to be able to share what we have with others. It just makes having what we have more fun!

In Mosiah 20, we have a lesson about telling the truth, and being humble, and not being vengeful. The Nephites were attacked, but they did not do anything wrong. There was a misunderstanding, and so that more bloodshed did not occur, they laid down their weapons in front of their attackers, who eventually understood.

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