Blessed Both Temporally And Spiritually

I just read this article on on why people are leaving the sciences and becoming English majors: Why would-be engineers end up as English majors.

To be competitive, and even to participate, in today’s economy, I need to be more mathematically, and scientifically, literate. I think about all those around me, and how we could all learn to be more literate, rather than sitting back while others engineer our future.

For me, this life is participatory, not passive. As a son of God, since I know what God’s plan is, I need to participate in it. His goal is to “Bring to pass the immortality, and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39). This is done by sharing. This is done through humility, charity, faith, and hope. This is done through cooperation, and working together. As a member of society, it is my duty to participate in building Zion. I can do that by sharing knowledge, of things temporal, and of things spiritual; and, of course, all things ultimately are spiritual, because they ultimately result from God’s creation of this earth; and their degree of spirituality depends on whether they are done for good, or for evil.

I think of all that I have. It is nothing without acknowledging the Lord’s hand in it. When I leave this frail existence, I cannot take it with me; but if the Lord’s Spirit is involved in the work, then I am blessed. Just like Alma blessed Amulek, in Alma 10:11. In Alma 10:4, Amulek explains that he was pretty wealthy, and pretty well connected socially; but he did not have the Lord’s Spirit with him. It was not until Alma blessed him that he truly felt blessed, both temporally and spiritually.

May I always be so blessed too.

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