Dealing With Rude And Obscene Behavior

What goes around, comes around. On the way home, I got the way of someone driving very fast. He flipped me off and made a few other obscene gestures. I just smiled and let him speed off, while caught the light he almost ran. I did not want to be around this type of behavior.

I am reminded of this event after I think about what happened in Alma 14, where those who believe in Christ are being consumed by fire. Alma and Amulek did not try to stop what happened because they knew that judgement will come upon those who injure the righteous.

I do not want to seem self-righteous, but I do know that vengeance is the Lord’s. Instead of smiling, I could have completely ignored that person who was so abusive, by looking away. I could have done better. I will chalk this up as a learning experience.

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