Every Knee Shall Bow And Confess That Jesus Is The Christ

The hours in which I sleep are still a little messed up, due to my trip. I woke up at 6:30 AM, and wrote in my journal, and then posted to our blog. I thought I was going to go to church. It was about 10:15 AM. We had breakfast, and then we went back to bed. I got up about 2:30 PM, and I wrote and posted some more.

I am catching up for what I was not able to post during my trip. The hotel did not have free Internet access, and I was not going to pay for it. So, during my trip, I wrote in my journal that which I would post on our blog; and since I have returned, and have posted those entries, and dated the entries according to the dates of the entries in my journal.

Posting in my journal is kind of like going to church, for me. Although, it is not the same, because I do not have the opportunity to renew my covenant with the Lord, which I made when I was baptized. I renew this covenant when I take the sacrament during church. At those times, I have to opportunity to think about how I can be more like Him. I literally ‘break bread with the Lord’, which is what He did when He first instituted the sacrament with His apostles in the New Testament. When I take the sacrament, I have the opportunity to commune with the Lord, just like His apostles did in the New Testament, and His disciples did in the Book of Mormon. It is at this time that I can renew my covenant which I made with Him. I can take time to think and ponder how I can apply myself more fully to do that which He wants me to do, which is ultimately to help build the kingdom of God.

I write in my journal to testify to myself and to record what I have received from the Lord. I post on our blog to share this testimony with others. Learning how to share with others is something I did not learn in my youth. I learned how to preach and teach, but not to acknowledge that I have received the Lord’s bounty, which He wants me to share with others. I try not to worry about if others are reading our blog. (Actually, more people do read our blog when Misty posts her photography.) I just know that the Lord blesses me, spiritually, when I share what He has done for me.

Alma 4 explains how Alma, a devoted and courageous servant of the Lord, released himself from being the chief judge of the people, and chose another person, Nephihah, to perform this function in society. He then chose to spend the rest of his life testifying, bearing witness to others, what he has received from the Lord. By releasing himself from the judgement seat, he kind of said, “it is not my role in life to judge others with earthly judgements. Instead, I need to share with others how the Lord has shown His love to me, and to each one of us.”

Alma had seen the Lord when he was a young man, in Mosiah 27. He had tried to destroy the Lord’s Church, because he did not believe that all must be born of God, changed from a carnal and fallen state to a state of righteousness, or else we will be cast off from His presence (Mosiah 27:25-31). To be born of God, we need to follow His commandments. We need to acknowledge His hand in all things. In other words, we need to love Him, and show our love for Him by serving others.

Alma was rebuked by the Lord for trying to destroy His Church. He was forgiven. He saw what will happen in the future. Every knee will bow, and confess that Jesus is the Lord of the Universe (Mosiah 27:31). All of the books of scripture testify of this: in Old Testament, Isaiah 45:23; in the New Testament, Phillippians 2:10; and in the Doctrine And Covenants 88:104. Alma devoted the rest of his life to sharing with others what he had seen, and so did Joseph Smith. Can I be so courageous?

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