Reaping The Rewards From The Master Whom I Serve

I slept for twelve hours. I am glad that I have the whole weekend to recuperate from my trip. Then, I unpacked and did some chores around the house. For Date Night, we watched “The Bourne Identity” and “The Bourne Supremacy”.

I do have so much for which to be thankful. There are also those which have more, and there are those which have less; but the Lord does not wish for us to compare ourselves with each other, but to be generous with which we have. I know I often feel tempted to be jealous, and greedy, insecure, and selfish. Although, I have the opportunity to learn from the example of others who have shared with me so much of their bounty from the Lord.

Alma 3:4-19 explains how we take upon ourselves our own curses; and Alma 3:26-27 explains how we reap the rewards from the master whom we serve. So, if I cause myself to fall into temptation, then I will be jealous, greedy, insecure, and selfish; but if I remain humble, and learn to love as the Lord loves, then I will receive His Spirit, and His love, which warms my heart, and brings me self-confidence, and self control, regardless of how much He has chosen to give me in the form of earthly desires. I have this life to learn how to do this. For, I cannot take any earthly possessions and opportunities with me into the world to come, only that which truly comes from the Lord, which is His Spirit, and His love. Then, when I see Him, which is promised that we all will do, I will bow myself at His feet, and love Him for all that He has done for me.

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