Saved Throught The Power And Deliverance Of Jesus

For Date Night, we went to Disneyland. After work, we stopped off at home to eat a little dinner, and then we grabbed our jackets, and we were off to the ‘Magic Kingdom’. The park was not too crowded. We found ourselves a spot in front of the castle, and waited for the fireworks. Misty took some pretty nice pictures of the castle and the fireworks. We walked around a little bit. Then, we started home. On the way down Main Street, we stopped off at one of the clothing stores, and Misty bought some pajamas and I bought a shirt, using our 20% off coupon one of us was given when we renewed our annual passes. We have another one to use before January 2012.

Now that I have a testimony, I am kind of hooked. If I were ever to fall away, I would really be in trouble. It would be worse than if I had never been taught the gospel. I would be committing one of the most grievous sins of all, which is sinning against the Holy Ghost. This principle is taught in Alma 9:20-23.

Although, I do also have a promise. In as much as I am righteous, I will be saved, through the “power and deliverance of Jesus Christ” (Alma 9:28). I love my Lord, and I thank Him for the happiness He brings into my life.

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