Sharing Personal Views Annoys Others?

I was reading my email. I received a CNN news email, and it was interesting to learn that people on Facebook are annoyed when people complain and when they share their political views. So, are they also annoyed when people share their religious views? I can imagine that some are. So, I probably do annoy some people by sharing how God has blessed my life.

I am sorry about that, but I do not know anything that is more important to me than what God has done for me. He has changed my life, so that I am a better person. He has given me a wonderful family. I love my wife more than anything else in the world. My parents, sister, and niece, care about me so very much. I am surrounded by wonderful people. I live in a safe, and free, country, where we can all express my views without fear. I live in a, physically, beautiful land, right next to the ocean, the mountains, and the desert. I love the song “America The Beautiful” because it describes the land that I truly love.

This all has been given to me by God, who created all things that are around me, and it can be lost, if I do not appreciate what God has given me. Throughout history, civilizations have taken for granted how they have been blessed, and they have lost what they have been given (in Alma 16 for example).

So, I share my religious views because they are the most important things in my life. I do not like annoying people; but, if they are annoyed, I am sorry for that. I share to glorify the one who gave to me all that I have. Maybe others who do not have my view can reinterpret what I say according to their own personal view. When I share, I invite discussion, and more sharing. It all is good.

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