Staying Calm To Keep An Eternal Perspective

In Alma 20, I read about how Ammon defended his friend Lamoni from his father, who did not understand that his son had just had had a major conversion experience!

Lamoni’s father wanted to kill Ammon because he thought that Ammon was going to cheat Lamoni out of his kingdom; but Ammon was not thinking of himself. Actually, he was there to serve. He wanted to share what he knew to be true. He also wanted to protect Lamoni, and his father, so that they both knew that God lives, and loves them very much.

I appreciate it when people do not think about themselves, and they have more of an eternal perspective. How many times have I been worried about some minor detail? I make a ‘mountain out of a mole hill’.

If Ammon had lost control of himself, he could have killed Lamoni’s father to defend himself. Instead, he did not lose his patience. He stayed confident. He stayed in control of the situation. Eventually, he made a friend out of Lamoni’s father too.

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