The Lord Hears Even Our Silent Prayers

Today, at work, my new Netbook, a DM1z, was delivered. I started setting it up. This evening, we watched “The Baby Sitters Club”, an episode of “Knight Rider”, and an episode of “NCIS”.

There have been several times in my life in which I have felt alone, and misunderstood; and, at those times, I have gone into a quiet place, it may even be a bathroom or on a walk, and I have prayed. I can tell you, so many times, after praying, I have felt better. I have felt rejuvenated, and I have felt loved by the Lord.

This is what Mormon is talking about in Mosiah 24:10-16. The prayer does not need to be vocal. It can be in our hearts, as explained in Mosiah 24:12, and I know that the Lord hears our prayers.

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