Trying To Find My Way

This evening, for Family Home Evening, we watched the last Bourne movie: “The Bourne Ultimatum”. We enjoy this series. It is full action, and Jason Bourne / David Webb is pretty moral. Even though he kills a lot of people, it is in self-defense, and he is just trying to find out who he really is; and people are trying to kill him trying not to let him find out who he really is. Then comes Pamela Landry, and she helps Jason find out who he really is.

I am kind of the same way. Here I am, on this Earth, fallen from the Garden of Eden, and I am trying to find out who I really am. This world is a confusing place. If I follow my natural appetites, I will be happy just for the moment, but I will regret what I have done later on. And yet, there are heavenly messengers who want to guide me back.

The angel Moroni came to Joseph Smith to show him where a book was stored which testified that Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten Son of God, the Redeemer of the world. It also brought back truths which had been lost, such as: how God authorizes people to act in His name; ceremonies, like baptism by immersion, for the remission of sins; what is a prophet, and a seer; the plan of salvation; the resurrection; judgement day; heaven and hell; and the value of service. These principles are taught with much clarity.

I have learned a lot from reading the Book of Mormon, and what just recently came to me is why all people will eventually bow their knees and confess that Jesus is the Christ. It is because all people will eventually see the fruits of their labors. Those who have been humble, charitable, and kind, will feel the Spirit, and will feel the love of the Savior; and those who have not will feel guilty for how they have wasted their lives. These principles are taught by the Savior, and the truth behind those principles will be revealed to all, as it is explained in Alma 12:34-37.

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