Back From Salt Lake City

We had a wonderful vacation. We were able to go to Zion National Park and take lots of pictures. When we were driving from Zion National Park to Salt Lake City, we probably stopped every 15-20 minutes take pictures along the way.

We stayed in the Iron Blosam Lodge, which was a beautiful timeshare in Snowbird. It snowed ten inches while we were there. The staff at the lodge were very good to us. We had a very nice couple of attached rooms, with a beautiful view of the peaks, mountain sides, and ski runs. They woke us up most every morning with prearranged wakeup calls; and on the morning that we did not answer the phone for the wakeup call, they came up and made sure that we were okay. They drove us to dinner at the Cliff Lodge on Sunday when we went out to dinner with some friends. They held onto Misty’s white skirt, which was dropped and later found in the parking lot on Friday. They were friendly. They swept up the raisins we dropped near the Front Desk as we were departing. I would definitely go there again.

Misty was visited by many friends. She had a few very enjoyable photo shoots. I had a rigorous recording schedule. The performance in the Salt Lake Tabernacle was amazing! And, we spent the last couple of nights with dear family. We cooked beignets, played games, and just got to know each other a little better.

We really felt loved. (Pictures coming soon.)

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