Experiencing Happiness

Today, I was able to walk better than usual. Usually, it has been difficult for me to walk when I get out of bed. My feet would be sore, because I have a little plantars fasciitis. Also, at work, when I would have the same problem when I got up to walk after being at the computer. But today, I did not have those problems, probably because I walked for an hour last night; so my feet probably needed to be pounded for an hour. They needed some life to be put into them. They needed to be revitalized, and the walk did it to them!

We are truly blessed due to the beautiful place in which we live. Lake Mission Viejo is gorgeous, with Saddleback Mountain in the background. We have great weather. We get cool ocean breezes. It is heavenly.

This might be kind of like the happiness which was experienced in Alma 50:23. The Lord is blessing us because we are showing that we love Him. We are trying to obey His commandments. I know that we need to improve on what we are doing, but we do see the fruits of our labor, due to the grace of God. I have witnessed when I have not been prosperous, and I am definitely in a better situation right now.

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