Follow The Spirit When Sharing The Gospel

During lunch, I read Alma 35, which reminded me of how it feels when I have tried to share the gospel with people, and they just will not listen. So, what did they do in Alma 35? They wanted to live in peace, but they were thrown out. That has happened so much in history. People get thrown out due to religious persecution. Why can’t people tolerate those with different philosphies?

In this instance, the saints had uncovered what was wrong with the ruling party, and the ruling party did not like that. So, the ruling party threw out the dissenters, even if they were right. So, does it pay to “fight city hall”? Well, either the government will change, or you get thrown out of town. Thank God we live where we are free to believe how we want; but it does have its risks.

Take what happened in the latter-days with the saints. They were thrown out and persecuted, and the country supposedly protected freedom of religion back then too! Well, I think a lot of what happens depends on how religious diversity is approached. You have to be very sensitive to the feelings of others.

That is where the Spirit comes in. I believe that by following the Spirit, the Spirit will soften hearts so that people listen.

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