Jesus: A Jew Who Is The Son Of God And Our Deliverer

Last night, the missionaries came over and taught the first lesson which they teach to investigators: The Restored Gospel. We had a nice and in depth discussion about the subject. It was very enlightening.

One thing that impressed me was about how the Jews have been criticized ever since for killing Jesus. Now, not all of the Jews killed Jesus, for there were Jews throughout the world who did not even know what was happening in Judea. Although, the Jews have taken the blame for the choices of the few who crucified our Lord. How unfortunate. Although, present day Jews are not responsible for the misdeeds of their ancesters; and, I must say, it would be better if all would acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God.

Tonight, I read how Jesus is our Deliverer (Alma 36). He has delivered me from certain destruction, as anyone who knows my young adulthood would testify. I am thankful for His Restored Gospel which has delivered me, so that I may live a better life.

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