Living By Faith

Misty and I went walking by Lake Mission Viejo. Then, I went with the missionaries to visit a less active sister. She never arrived home. We just hung out by the door of this sister’s apartment, waiting for her, and talked.

I can remember when I would think that I am better than someone else, because I lived in better living conditions. I would think of those who lived in a certain neighborhood as living in the slums. It really was not very nice of me. Since then, I have learned not to be so proud.

This is an important lesson I have gathered from reading about the Kingmen in Alma 51. Those people of noble birth thought that they were entitled to lead the kingdom, while the popular vote did not want there to be kings.

As I have, hopefully, matured in the gospel, I have learned to appreciate everyone for what they have. I can not take my earthly possessions with me when I leave this world. More importantly is my faith in God, and my preparation to live with Him always, even as I live today, with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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